This online live Course is with Language Clubhouse teacher Elisa Ciamporcero.

This aim of the course is to introduce very young kids to the English language world!

This course contains four lessons full of happiness, music, images and big smiles where the kids will learn their first English words!

This course includes four lessons (20 min. each) over the course of 4 weeks.  One new lesson each week for 4 weeks.


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Course Content

1 Lesson 1. PetsPurchase course to view the lesson

During the first lesson we will go through the pets’ world and we will learn:

What is a pet? What do pets’ say?

2 Lesson 2. Farm animalsPurchase course to view the lesson

In the second lesson we will visit a very virtual beautiful farm and will have a look at the animals that live there!

3 Lesson 3. Primary ColorsPurchase course to view the lesson

In the third lesson we will learn the primary colors and sing a very funny song about it!

4 Lesson 4. EmotionsPurchase course to view the lesson

In the fourth lesson we will learn how to express our feelings!