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“Wow my child is singing in English at home”, or “I can not believe my child knows the colors in English better than in Finnish.”

Positive feedback and the will to help others teach young children English as an additional language in an active way is the story behind me starting up Language Clubhouse. When I moved to Finland I realized that adults speak English quite well, but they are shy, and often had poor experiences learning English. Parents nowadays want their children to start learning English early, in a fun way.  I started teaching private lessons in the homes of children.  Then I started English clubs and realized that little ones get excited to learn English with their peers in a fun and playful way through social interactions.  Through my experience working in preschool I noticed the same thing, children get the most excited about learning English through traditional learning methods in a group like games, singing songs, movement rhymes, and activities. It was often very time consuming to put together a diverse curriculum and take bits and pieces of educational materials from here and there.  Also coworkers and parents alike needed support and wished to have a simple solution to support children in their learning adventure.  So I came up with a fun, easy, and simple solution. – Becky Luoma, CEO

We provide you with the method and the resources to teach English to young children with our online curriculum. Online courses- 12 topic courses, 48 ready to use lesson plans and learning materials, and a tutorial learning video for each lesson. Digital materials are all located on our platform and downloadable. Our language learning solution is based on Language Shower Method and  ‘CLIL’ pedagogy. ‘Content and Language Integrated Learning’, which means parts and subjects of school can be taught in English easily with our curriculum that is easily implemented into any Early Childhood Education curriculum.  We offer training and ongoing support for teachers in English or Spanish.
Comprehensive teacher materials

Schools and Clubs

An Online Curriculum to help teachers teach young children English as an additional language in an active way. To use at daycare, preschool, kindergarten, language clubs, etc.

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Safe and easy program right at your fingertips


A program to help families teach young children English as an additional language at home.

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