• Highly qualified certified and experienced teachers.
  • Certified High quality pedagogical Online English as a second language program in June 2020 by Education Alliance Finland (A curriculum that meets the European CEFR standards) & used in preschools globally.
  • Parents from all over the world trust us!  Parents and kids stay in contact with the teachers through our own e-learning platform as well as receive monthly learning reports and course completion certificates.

My name is Becky Luoma, I am the co-founder and creator of Language Clubhouse. I am from a small town in Upper Michigan and have always been looking for adventure.  I started my additional language learning from a young age in elementary school, learning Spanish.  Nowadays I am also fluent in Finnish and have lived in Finland since 2004.  I have always been interested in learning about people, languages, and cultures from a young age.  While I grew up I began to enjoy working with children and started babysitting at the age of 12 years old.  I continued to work with children my whole life and have 4 lovely children of my own.  I have coached girls basketball teams in the US and in Finland. I have studied Nursing and Education Science in University in the US and in Finland.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care, and am a certified Registered Nurse and Public Health Nurse.  I helped start up English language programmes in two Kindergartens in Finland and have over 10 years experience teaching English to children in Finland. In different settings like preschool, kindergarten and after school clubs. Having over 15 years of experience working  in the social, healthcare and education fields I am able to use a holistic approach while teaching and see the bigger picture of the child’s overall wellbeing.  I am positive and motivate children to learn while finding their strengths in the process.

Teacher Becky teaches English to 5-8 years old in our Online Live English clubs and at Seinäjoki onsite club.

Becky's online live clubs

My name is Rezvan Zonoubi and I am thrilled to say I have 15 years of teaching experience with both adults and kids. I did my Ph.D., master and bachelor’s degrees in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and earned my CELTA and DELTA teaching certificates from International House London. I have worked as a university lecturer, an English business teacher, an IELTS tutor, and a teacher for kids. I am currently working with the Language Clubhouse as a teacher, researcher, and zone manager. I love teaching and strongly believe that successful learning happens for students when their teacher loves his/her job.  I am also fluent in Finnish and Persian and have basic skills in German.

Teacher Rezvan teaches English in our Online live clubs for children 7-9 years old and at Kuopio onsite club.


Rezvan's online live clubs

My name is Elisa Ciamporcero and I was born in 1986 in the north of Italy, Turin. After obtaining a university degree in languages at the University of Turin, I moved abroad and started my career as flight attendant. First, I lived in Spain where I attended a Master in translation, then moved to the UK where I obtained the MA in bilingual translation at the University of Westminster of London. In 2015 I became a mum for the first time and wrote my first novel published in Italy in 2018, the same year when my second baby was born. After that, I started teaching languages to kids in a private school and kept on writing, starting my career in “kids literature”. I am bilingual Italian-Spanish, fluent in English, good in French and learning Finnish at the moment. Since 2019 I am living in Finland, flying high, teaching, writing and trying to pursue my dreams that are big. But never too big.

Elisa teaches Creative Writing Courses in our Online live clubs for kids 7-9 and 10-12 years old.

Elisa's online live clubs

My name is Pia Auvinen and I have been planning and developing learning materials for Language Clubhouse.  I was born in Espoo, Finland, but grew up in the city of Seinäjoki. I have always been interested in learning languages and I could say it is one of my passions. I have lived some years in Mexico and loved the process of learning a totally new culture. I studied Social Sciences in Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. During my studies I completed a specialization in early childhood education and criminology. I have worked for a few years in several kindergartens in Seinäjoki, Finland.  I have also worked with young learners in a children’s home in Helsinki, Finland and have experience with special needs children too.  I am patient and compassionate and create a positive and supporting learning environment for my students. I enjoy working with children and youngsters and I would love to be able to share my passions with children about languages and cultures and to help them learn more in a fun way. Finnish is my native language and I’m fluent in Spanish and in English. I also know the basics in Swedish and German.

Pia teaches English clubs in our Online live clubs for kids 5-7 years old.

Pia's online live English clubs