English club,12 lessons Wednesdays 15:00-15:45 ( GMT +2 )


Let’s communicate in English and have fun!

  • This online club meets once a week on Wednesdays (Zoom meeting)
  • 15:00-15:45 (GMT+2) 
  • from March 17th-June 2nd, 2021. 
The club is for children ages 7-9 who are beginners or have basic English language skills.  The club maximum intake is 6 children.  Language Clubhouse teacher Rezvan Zonoubi will hold the classes.  You can contact her with any questions or concerns, rezvan@language-clubhouse.com When parents purchase this online course they get access to the online course and learning materials by email.

Rezvan has 15 years of teaching experience with both adults and kids. She has a Ph.D., master and bachelor degrees in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and  CELTA and DELTA teaching certificates from International House London. She has worked as a university lecturer, an English business teacher, an IELTS tutor, and a teacher for kids. She loves teaching and strongly believes that successful learning happens for students when the teacher loves his/her job.

This 12 week online live club for kids will cover three topic courses from our Language Clubhouse English for young learners’ program.
    • Me & my life
    • Animals
    • Food 


  • Children will learn new vocabulary and phrases based on monthly topics
  • Children will learn to talk about their likes and dislikes according to monthly topics 
  • Children will have fun with their friends and learn to communicate with them in English



  • Children will learn basic greetings in English
  • Children will be able to use the vocabulary for body, family, animal, and food in different contexts
  • Children will be able to use a sentence and say what kind of food or animal they like or dislike
  • Children will gain new friendships
  • Children will participate in different types of learning activities such as singing songs and reciting rhymes
Children and families will get access to the Language Clubhouse online program topic courses, so they can practice English language at home between lessons.  Also at the end of the courses children will receive a course completion certificate.

English Immersion club Wednesdays

  • English club rules

Registrations available: 6