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Reference 1

“As a trainer, Becky is a skillful trainer who can lower the threshold and inspire staff to start teaching English as a second language. The practical tips and practices she provides fit naturally into the daycare routines.”
- Visa Hietaranta, CEO of TRIO Daycare

Reference 2

"For my family the Language Clubhouse program makes it easy to learn English together with a motivating and active method. The material is inspiring, easy to use and it adjusts for children of different ages. I warmly recommend it to every family!"
- Ilona Panula, Mother of 4, 6, and 12 year old

Reference 3

"The two training evenings gave us strong support for what we have been doing here at Jouppi daycare for years. It was important to get familiar with the research that supports the working methods. New topics and issues came up during the training evenings and also lots of new ideas. The Language Shower method increases the significance of children’s language development. Training evenings rating 5/5. Nice and functional training sessions"
- Sari Rahkola, Jouppi Daycare Manager

Reference 7

"The Language Clubhouse program platform you made brings English into children's everyday life easily."
- Satu Kiviranta, Teacher of Early Childhood Education

Reference 5

“Becky's positive attitude and inspiring way of working make people around interested and willing to experiment. It is then possible to learn, transcend, and gain experiences of success."
- Annika Hopiavuori, Teacher of Early Childhood Education

Reference 4

"New ideas are always welcomed. It is easy to get stuck in the same old habits. The Language Clubhouse program gave us many new ideas. In the model, things are presented clearly and at the child's level. It was nice to notice that the activities should be kept at the child's level and integrated into daily routines. New games and songs are always welcome. They also emphasized simplicity and repetition, which is sure to support the child's language development. The platform of the annual program is a good start for new clear operating models."
- Sari Rahkola, Jouppi Daycare Manager

Reference 6

“It was nice there were concrete examples in the training evenings and as a group we got to work together to come up with new ideas." Training evenings rating 5/5.
- Satu Kiviranta, Teacher of Early Childhood Education

Reference 8

"The children said that learning words felt easier through a variety of fun games that the whole family could take part in."
- Pia Ketola, Mother of two boys ages 11 and 7.

Reference 9

"As parents, we found that functional English learning brings a whole new kind of enthusiasm for our children to learn more, as the children found the language learning to be inspiring and enjoyable. The learning videos and materials are good and easy to implement at home."
- Mika Homi and Pia Ketola, parents

Reference 10

Thank you Becky, kids enjoyed their first English club! :)
- Mother of two

Reference 11

"It was so fun, a nice teacher and fun games."
- Club member

Reference 12

"Our daughter was sad when the summer club ended, she liked it so much!"
- Father

Reference 13

"Speaking has been clearer and my daughter finds good words for basic talk."
- Mother of 4 year old

Reference 14

"We as parents are very happy and the child is eager and very happy."
- Mother and Father of 4 year old

Language-clubhouse has been wonderful experience for the children of the kindergarten as well as for the educators. The themes of the club have been planned well and are interesting for the children. The teacher keeps all children curious and waiting what happens next, what we get to do next. The teacher uses different kind of materials, which interact the children and keep their attention. I have gotten only good feedback from parents. In addition, it has been a great plus for our pedagogy, because we have also multicultural children in the kindergarten, even we as educators, do talk to them in English, now their friends can understand them a bit better. It has been really easy and great to work with language-clubhouse and we will carry it on also in the future, for sure.
- Johanna Kiviharju, Manager of Pilke Taikahelmi

Reference 15

"Child attends course with pleasure, knows many words in English and uses them in life."
- Mother of 7 year old



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