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Our online program is a flexible pedagogical solution full of comprehensive learning materials which  support the core developmental areas in early childhood. Our program supports the Finnish National curriculum for early childhood education and combines positive pedagogy and bilingual pedagogy principals. We support the teachers by providing ongoing training and support, and our product supports their workflow by providing ready to use lessons and learning materials.  Our online program is suitable for teachers working in English language enrichment institutions i.e. teaching English as a foreign language, English as a second language, and English as an additional language. Our 12 interesting topic courses fit into any early childhood education curricula and can be easily supplemented into the local curriculum while supporting the teachers work flow.

Our online program includes 12 courses, 48 ready to use lesson plans including learning materials e.g. tutorial videos, music, songs, rhymes, stories, games, worksheets, etc.  Each lesson starts with a tutorial learning video for teachers and students alike to watch and get orientated for the lesson.  With our teacher training and online program any teacher can start up teaching English as an additional language to young children with our clear and simple operating model.

Language Clubhouse teachers visit kindergartens in Finland and have English clubs at the kindergarten facilities.  It is possible to rent a teacher for your kindergarten facility to hold English club once a week or as often as needed in Helsinki area, Kuopio, or Seinäjoki.  Or the teachers can hold the lessons online virtually.  Learn more:

Studies show that early language teaching is effective if it is of high quality and age appropriate. Our program and curriculum supports the Finnish Early Childhood Curriculum.  The Finnish preschool curricula puts an emphasis on learning twenty first century skills such as increasing cultural awareness and understanding, and enrichment of togetherness.  Each week 5-15 new words are introduced and all the content in the weekly lessons supports the expansive use of the vocabulary introduced through our pedagogical solution based on flexible diversity.   Our content is designed and developed in Finland.



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Clear and well designed online structure with easy access to the materials,  pre-curated materials and structured lesson plans so teachers from different linguistic backgrounds can feel guided and secure while teaching English for young learners, and activities are engaging and activating and focus on face-to-face interaction

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Our program is available through our own online learning platform. All the content is right at your fingertips. Bring consistency and ease into your teaching methods. Start the lesson off with the tutorial learning video and begin, only takes 5  minutes to prepare for a new lesson., and all the learning materials are ready to use. A simple solution for educators.

Fun and active learning

Getting familiar with language and culture

Interesting content developed for young children and to support core developmental learning. Explore the English language and increase linguistic and cultural understanding. Our 7 characters bring their cultural backgrounds to life in our 12 Language Clubhouse stories.

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