Online Live English Program-For Families

Fun learning-online live English lessons for kids aged 4-8!

Language Clubhouse is Empowering Young Minds with Certified Teachers, Engaging Content, and a Social Learning Experience in English

The best time for a child to learn a second language is under the age of 6. Children who acquire a second language at a young age have better chances to pick up a third, fourth or even fifth language. Research shows that supporting playful learning is the most important way to increase participation and learning. We help you give your child a playful head start in learning English and support continuous language development.

The Language Clubhouse English program is designed and developed by early childhood educators and researchers in Finland and has certified high quality pedagogical content by Education Alliance Finland.

At Language Clubhouse, we bring the magic of English to life- right in your living room! Imagine a space where certified teachers meet captivating stories and lessons, all while your child builds lasting friendships. We can’t wait for you to join our family and embark on this incredible journey together!
Online Live English - a new lesson every week

Unlock a World of Opportunities for Your Child with Language Clubhouse!

  • Certified Teachers: Online live lessons with professional teachers twice a week. Rest easy knowing your child is learning from accredited, native English speakers.
  • Engaging Curriculum: Our certified age-appropriate curriculum is designed for young learners, interactive lessons not only teach but captivate young minds.
  • Social Learning: Your child will learn and grow in a lively online community, fostering both language skills and friendships.

Our playful program motivates children and fosters friendships and language skills. Studies shows that the younger you are introduced to and start learning a foreign language the easier it is. Also the more motivated the child is to learn more languages in the future. Yogman, editor-in-chief of the American Academy of Pediatrics 2018, states that
Play can relieve stress and the leadership skills developed through play can foster resilience, and play can restore safe and caring relationships with parents, teachers and other children,
which also increases resilience.

Especially when starting language studies, the principle of the joy of learning is especially important, as positive experiences and good memories encourage you to continue studying later in life.” (Rantala, T. 2006)

For Households

Themed courses and curriculum

Animals for Households
Me & My Life for Households
Seasons for Households
Colors, shapes and numbers for Households
Nature & Environment for Households
Transportation for Households
Friends for Households
Daily activities for Households
Food for Households
Senses for Households
Hobbies for Households
Our World for Households