Seasons Topic- this is a popular topic in early education children can relate with nature, and also learn about what type of environments and climates are all over the world.  It is an important topic to implement all year round in the learning environment.  Explore different types of weather, and discuss what types of clothing to wear or activities to do in different seasons.

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Children will learn to practice writing numerals 1-5 and demonstrate the ability to sequence. Learn to sing a song about ten little or ten big things, and develop visual discrimination skills.

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Children learn to name and identify colors and recognize color words. Children enjoy talking in circle time about the color clothes they are wearing.  It is fun to have a color week, each day of the week is a different color or colors.  Children love dressing up to the color or colors of the day.

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Children will learn and recognize the basic shapes ( circle, triangle, square, and rectangle).  Learn common objects that have these shapes and identify shapes and colors.  Learn a song about the circle shape.

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Children will learn to count from 1-10, and learn a counting rhyme, practice oral skills and numeral vocabulary.