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The Vantaa English club takes place in Länsimäki Asukastila. The city of Vantaa’s residential space in Länsimäki is located at Kilpakuja 1, 01280 Vantaa . The space has a hall with tables and seating for 40 people, as well as coffee making facilities and a kitchenette.  The space has enough room and space for the kids to be active with games and movements and also tables for crafts and writing and drawing.

  • 4-7  years old
    • 6 weeks
    • April 22nd-June 3rd, 2021
      • at 18:00-18:50
    • no club on 13.05
  • Price: 60 euros
(the price includes 24% tax and insurance)
Vantaa club

Meghann is the Vantaa area club leader.   Meghann has lots of experience working and caring for people of all ages.  She works with children in an English kindergarten in Finland, is a Registered Nurse and also has working experience from the UK and the Philippines.  She is a  very positive, patient and fun person. Meghann loves to incorporate play with teaching which makes learning fun for all the children!

In the Vantaa English club children can meet new friends and gain experience with the English language through playful interactions.  Games, music and songs are used in language learning as well as many different types of learning activities such as writing and reading.  Children’s own interests are also observed and taken into consideration into the club activities.

Meghann is happy to have you join in on the fun and excitement in the Vantaa English club and to hear from you soon! Email Meghann with any questions or concerns:

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