Vantaa schedule:

Länsimäki Asukastila,
Kilpakuja 1, Vantaa


  • 4-6 years old
    • Thursdays
      • at 17:00-17:50
    • from 04.02-20.05.21
    • no club on 25.02 and 13.05


  • 7-8 years old
    • Thursdays
      • at 18:00-18:50
    • from 04.02.-20.05.21
    • no club on 25.02 and 13.05


Spring Semester 2021 club fee is: 140
(the price includes 24% tax and insurance)
Vantaa club

Meghann is the Vantaa area club leader.   Meghann has lots of experience working and caring for people of all ages.  She works with children in an English kindergarten in Finland, is a Registered Nurse and also has working experience from the UK and the Philippines.  She is a  very positive, patient and fun person. Meghann loves to incorporate play with teaching which makes learning fun for all the children! Vantaa clubs are located in a nice facility in Länsimäki, at Asukastilat.

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