Finnish Course For Beginners- 2 month summer course

75,00  / month for 2 months and a 2,50  sign-up fee

Finnish Course For Beginners A0-A1 level

Join us for a beginners’ course focusing on the fundamental vocabulary and grammar of Finnish. This course will focus on and cover speaking, listening, writing, and reading in Finnish, with instruction primarily in Finnish and occasionally in English if needed.

Course Schedule:

During the months of June and July 2024, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Start Date: Week 24, Monday, June 10th

  • Online live classes with your teacher are twice weekly for 30 minutes each time, plus optional 30 minutes conversational class once a week.
  • Online live class lessons via Zoom on Monday and Thursday mornings and or evenings. (You choose which lesson to join the morning or the evening class)
  • On Wednesdays we will have an optional 30 minute conversation class, plus we will have a private Whatsapp group to keep in touch with classmates and your teacher

Welcome to our Finnish Course for beginners! The course unit consists of 8 lessons and the duration is 8 weeks. The online live classes are twice a week, held on Monday and Thursday mornings and evenings. Plus one optional conversation class per week. During the course, you will find language exercises on our platform to practice the lesson content, as well as weekly homework assignments to submit. The teacher will provide personal feedback weekly to students who complete the homework assignments. Once you register you will get credentials to login to the website and access your course materials and zoom meeting links. 

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Handle daily situations and ask relevant questions.
  • Understand basic expressions from slow, clear speech.
  • Introduce themselves briefly and share personal information, even if speech is slow and pronunciation is not perfect.
  • Display knowledge of numbers, the alphabet, the verb “to be,” and personal pronouns in their basic forms
  • Gain insight into Finnish culture and society
  • Topics covered: alphabet, self introductions, days of the week, numbers, colors, food words, partitive, genitive (I), adhesive (I have) Verb types 1-5 (practice verb types 1-3), weather, seasons, family, adjectives, working life vocabulary and much more!

Registrations available: 7