Holistic approach in early language learning

By Becky Luoma

Language Clubhouse English clubs are full of JOY!  We take into consideration each child as an individual to help them to grow and develop to full potential. Our starting point is to notice the good, not the shortcomings or paying attention to difficulties. To interact with others is more important than the need to understand everything. Positive and encouraging atmosphere helps children’s motivation.  Especially when starting language studies, the principle of joy of learning is especially important because positive experiences and good memories encourage you to continue studying later in life.(Rantala, 2006)


With our HOLISTIC APPROACH Language Clubhouse’s aim is to create a positive image of different languages and cultures and increase linguistic and cultural understanding. These principles are key points in achieving this that we follow:

  • Fun, interesting and meaningful age-appropriate playful activities
  • Reducing prejudices and enriching togetherness
  • To support multilingualism, identity and self-esteem
  • Appreciate different languages
  • Enables the use of different languages ​​in teaching
  • Guide you to acquire the information you need to study in different languages
  • Encourage the use of even minor language skills
  • Strong proficiency in one’s mother tongue / first language supports the learning of other languages


Our program is full of fun playful learning activities. Our teachers are role models and play and inspire the kids to collaborate. It is important since playing with peers offers multilingual children several possibilities to practice and become comfortable using a new language.  

Children’s knowledge and skills are developed through the environments in which they participate and communication between children and teachers is seen as a key basis for promoting learning opportunities.  Our Language Clubhouse team aims to inspire children to develop to their full potential and is a role model in playful learning.  We support families to help with their children’s development.  Together we are better! Learning together is FUN!