Interaction can increase self-esteem and motivation-two key issues in supporting foreign language learning

By Becky Luoma

Increasing interaction in the classroom is one of the main ways to increase kids’ learning of a foreign language. Maximising “student-talk time” and encouraging active participation are two of the best ways to increase interaction in classes – both in real classrooms and online classrooms. Teacher Nicole discusses ways that our curriculum encourages interaction, and even demonstrates this from one of her online live classes.
There are a huge number of benefits to increasing interaction, including increasing kids self-motivation and self-esteem, which in turn helps to build their self-confidence. This is especially important with languages as hesitation is one of the biggest barriers to learning and interaction. Especially with younger kids, encouraging active participation and exposure to the language is highly important.
One of the most important things to remember is to make any teacher-talk time serve a purpose. Giving information, asking questions, and answering questions are great, and give those teaching kids a better understanding of where they are – but in class, some kids can do these too and it can help give them a different perspective.

At Language Clubhouse, our curriculum focuses on this participation and interaction. Our club and online live classes are small to help encourage kids to build relationships and get comfortable with each other. In our classes your kids can build their self-esteem, self-confidence. They can even make new friends with different backgrounds and from different countries, all while having loads of fun learning a new language.

Each of our topics contains materials, digital and otherwise, which are used in clubs and classes (and can be used at home!) which are specifically designed to give kids exposure to the language in the home environment. These all help make learning fun, and the kids love them – just take a look!

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