Tervetuloa Aloitustaso A0 suomenkielenkurssiin! / Welcome to the Finnish language Course for beginners

*Kurssin kesto: 8 viikkoa /Course duration 8 weeks

The course includes 8 lessons from Unit 1.

Online live class lessons take place on Monday and Thursday mornings and evenings.

**Choose to join the morning session or the evening session, whichever works best for you.

The optional conversation class takes place on Wednesdays. Your instructor will inform you each week of the time.

Welcome to Finnish for beginners!

In this course you will learn the basics of the Finnish language such as the alphabet, common words and verbs that help you to get started speaking immediately in the Finnish language.

We focus on learning by speaking so you get familiar with the Finnish language sounds and spoken language. You will not only learn the written formal Finnish language but also the spoken language so you will start to understand more what is happening around you.

Finnish Course for Beginners A1

Timezone: Europe/Helsinki
Password: 319918