Espoo schedule:



  • 5-7 years old
    • Thursdays
      • 17:00-17:50
    • 04.02-27.05.2021
      • no club on 25.02 and 13.05

Club fee: 150

(price includes 24% tax and insurance for child)
Espoo club leader
Sejal Gadhvi is the club leader in Espoo.   She is passionate about children and makes learning fun for them. She is patient and works in a child friendly way.  She makes kids feel that being with her is like being with and learning with a family member.  She has vast experience teaching English to young children as well as adults in India, and enjoys learning Finnish language.

Espoo English clubs take place at Tiedekoulu Olari in Espoo.  It is a nice facility in a accessible location.


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