English as a second language program-For Households – Monthly Subscription

3,72  / month with a 7-day free trial

Fun for the whole family!

Use our program to teach, play and have fun with your children!  Play with your kids in English at home- Choose the time, place and pace.  Open one course per month, and one new lesson per week.  Help and support your kids in learning English as a second language by playing and learning with them! Play reduces stress and early second language learning gives a  foundation for future foreign language learning.


Included in our online program is 12 interesting themed courses with 4 topic lessons. Altogether 48 ready to use lessons with digital learning materials, available to download.  In the program  there are: 48  videos, over 250 flashcards, 48 interactive vocabulary quizzes, 40 songs, 12 language clubhouse character stories, rhymes, interactive games and much more!

Our 12 online courses are:

1. Animals
2. Me & My Life
3. Seasons
4. Colors, shapes and numbers
5. Nature and Environment
6. Transportation
7. Friends
8. Daily activities
9. Food
10. Senses
11. Hobbies
12. Our world

Enjoy, and we hope you have many happy learning moments together as a family!