English as a second language program- For Schools – Monthly Subscription

14,88  / month with a 2-week free trial

Learn English as a second or foreign language together
at school – For Pre-primary and Primary education

Language Clubhouse English as a second language online program:

  • 12 themed courses, 48 topic lessons 
  • English Levels are Pre-Al and A1 (CEFR standards)

 Digital learning materials: 48 videos, 400 flashcards, 48 interactive vocabulary quizzes (one per lesson), 40 songs, 12 stories, 14 rhymes, 35 games, 39 picture cards, 126 worksheets, and more!

A pedagogical solution: fun and active lessons to support the teachers workflow that can be easily implemented into any Early Childhood Education curriculum. Lessons validated and align with 21st century learning goals.  Motivate and engage your students in English language learning today!

12 courses are:

12 themed courses are:

1. Animals
2. Me & My Life
3. Seasons
4. Colors, shapes and numbers
5. Nature and Environment
6. Transportation
7. Friends
8. Daily activities
9. Food
11. Hobbies
12. Our world

If you are interested in purchasing multiple license subscriptions please contact us for an offer: becky@language-clubhouse.com

If you are interested in a pilot project with your school. Contact: becky@language-clubhouse.com