For Schools – Monthly Subscription

30,00  / month

Learn together
at school

A one month license subscription for a teacher costs 30 euros vat 0%.

Included in our online program is 12 interesting topic courses with 4 lessons per topic. Altogether 48 ready to use lessons plans with digital learning materials available to download.  48 short (3-8 min.) tutorial learning videos for teachers and students, over 250 flashcards, 40 songs, 12 language clubhouse character stories, rhymes, games and much more!  A pedagogical solution: fun and active lessons to support the teachers workflow that can be easily implemented into any Early Childhood Education curriculum.

12 topic online courses are:

1. Animals
2. Me & My Life
3. Seasons: Lessons
4. Colors, shapes and numbers
5. Nature and Environment
6. Transportation
7. Friends
8. Daily activities
9. Food
11. Hobbies
12. Our world

If you are interested in purchasing multiple license subscriptions please contact us for an offer: becky@language-clubhouse.com