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By Becky Luoma

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The Importance of Early Language Learning: A Parent’s Perspective

I am Anita Petunova, a parent who understands the importance of English language skills for success in professional life. With a 5-year-old daughter who recently began studying English, my husband and I understood the significance of starting early. It takes many years of dedicated study and practice to learn a language. Simply studying English at school is no longer sufficient; practical, everyday use of the language is essential for significant and sustainable progress. However, we faced the challenge of finding the time and resources to effectively support our daughter’s language learning.

Finding the Right Solution: Online Courses

To address this challenge, we found Language Clubhouse’s online courses to be the right choice. With our busy schedules, online learning offers convenience, allowing us to save time and study directly from our own home. Additionally, as parents, we appreciate being actively involved in our daughter’s learning process and providing support when needed.

Results and Progress: A Child’s Journey

Since starting the courses, we have observed significant progress in our daughter’s language skills. She has shown enthusiasm for learning and speaking new words. Already, she has mastered basic vocabulary such as numbers, colors, shapes, and animals, and is beginning to form simple sentences. Because the classes are held twice a week, we now use English more often in our daily life and discuss almost every day the new things she has learned.

Recommendation: A Parent’s Endorsement

Based on our positive experience, we highly recommend Language Clubhouse’s online courses to other parents seeking to provide their children with a solid foundation in English language learning. The interactive and engaging nature of the courses, combined with the convenience of online learning, make them an excellent choice for young learners.

– Anita Petunova, Customer