The Language Clubhouse Households Program: Enhancing English Language Skills

By Nicole Chapman

Language acquisition plays an important role in a child’s development. Learning English in particular can open doors to new opportunities and foster effective communication beyond their own homes. For parents seeking to improve their own children’s English language proficiency, the Language Clubhouse Households program provides a dynamic and engaging approach.

Our program is thoughtfully designed for children between 4 and 8, with our lessons being split into two language level groups- beginners and bilinguals. As a result, we can ensure that the content and activities are tailored to specific language learning needs and the developmental stages of each group. In this blog post we will explore how this innovative program can improve the English language proficiency of young children.

💙We foster a LOVE for language and cultural learning

Language Clubhouse aims to instill a spark for language and cultural learning in children. By creating a sense of belonging and improving self-confidence, children develop a positive attitude towards language acquisition. We recognize the importance of play – the program reflects this, and emphasizes that learning can be both enjoyable and rewarding.

Online live English club in an international group

🫱🏽‍🫲🏽We encourage inclusivity

One of the program’s strengths lies in its’ inclusivity. There are no specific requirements to join, and we welcome children with varying levels of English language skills. Not only does this ensure that every child has the opportunity to improve their language abilities, but also the ability to grow at their own pace.

📋Our curriculum is aligned with CEFR

The Language Clubhouse program follows a bespoke curriculum designed with the language goals specified by the Common European Framework for Reference for Languages (CEFR) in mind. Due to this alignment, we can ensure a comprehensive approach to language learning.

🤗We engage our learners

The program captivates children through a variety of fun activities that promote language development. These activities include digital games, drawings, stories and songs. By integrating these interactive elements, the program keeps children actively engaged while fostering essential language skills.

🦋We collaborate and integrate

The Language Clubhouse households program speficially emphasises the role of collaboration and cooperation between teachers, children and parents. Through the 25 minute group lessons, children have the opportunity to learn new language, as well as practicing their speaking and listing skills while interacting with their peers. This collaborative learning environment fosters communication and confidence.

Additionally, a significant aspect of the program is helping parents integrate English into their homes. The program provides a companion website with materials for each lesson, including: review worksheets, songs, weekly stories, interactive games, and optional assignments. These resources empower parents to actively support their children’s language learning journey beyond the classroom.

🫶🏼We are flexible and personal

We offer flexibility and personalisation. While there are no formal assessments or evaluations, children have the option to submit assignments such as videos or pictures to showcase their language development. This approach allows children to take ownership of their progress and express their language skills in creative ways.

✨We are both affordable and accessible

The program operates on a subscription-based model with a cost of 39 EUR per month. This subscription grants access to two 25 minute lessons per week and all the materials available on the companion website. The online nature of the program ensures worldwide accessibility, as long as you have an internet connection and a computer or mobile device.

🗺️We promote diversity and encourage cultural exposure

The Language Clubhouse program goes beyond language learning, by providing children with exposure to different cultures and accents. With the same teachers consistently leading the lessons, a unique rapport is formed between the teachers and students. This connection creates an opportunity for children to not only learn English, but also gain insights into different cultural perspectives. By engaging with diverse teachers and classmates, children broaden their understanding of the world and develop an appreciation for cultural diversity.

💡The long-term benefits of our program for households

Participating in the Language Clubhouse households program offers children numerous long-term benefits. Increased knowledge of the English language and enhanced confidence in using it are primary outcomes. By fostering a love for language through fun activities, the program aims to make learning enjoyable and motivating for children. This further encourages them to continue learning beyond their involvement in our program.

The program is also designed for continuous progression and long-term growth. Children who complete each unit have the opportunity to advance to the next level, ensuring a steady and structured learning journey. With the program’s ongoing development, new units and topics are constantly introduced, allowing children to expand their English language skills further.

Through the program’s engaging and interactive approach, children not only acquire knowledge, but also develop a passion for lifelong learning. By fostering a love for the English language at an early age, the Language Clubhouse Households program aims to instill a desire for ongoing self-improvement and exploration.

Moreover, the program’s focus on consistent teacher-student relationships cultivates a supportive environment where children feel comfortable expressing themselves. In addition, this increases the rates of risk taking within language learning. This encourages children to actively participate, which contributes to their overall language development and self-confidence.

By nurturing continuous progression and long-term growth, the Language Clubhouse Households Program equips children with essential English language skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Whether it’s for academic pursuits, future career opportunities, or personal connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds, the program lays a solid foundation for children to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

⭐Parents value our program

Feedback from parents speaks volumes about the impact of the Language Clubhouse program for Households. Ilona Panula says “For my family, the language clubhouse program makes it very easy to learn English together with a motivating and active method. The material is inspiring, easy to use and it adjusts for children of different ages. I warmly recommend it to every family.” Pia Keltola shares “The children said that learning words felt easier through a variety of fun games that the whole family could take part in.” These testimonials highlight the program’s ability to make English learning enjoyable and effective at building confidence and fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Language Clubhouse program for Households provides an effective and engaging approach to enhance young children’s English language skills.