Language and cultural education in early childhood-

By Becky Luoma

A Language Clubhouse accredited kindergarten opening this Autumn in Seinäjoki, Finland!

In the Autumn of 2022, Päiväkoti TRIO will open in collaboration with Language Clubhouse the kindergarten facility TRIO Clubhouse, in the new magnificent facilities in the city center of Seinäjoki, Finland. A great location, with a focus on English language enrichment activities that give children a positive environment and attitude towards learning a new language. What does it mean to be an accredited Language Clubhouse kindergarten?  It means that we partner with the kindergarten and work together to develop the English language enrichment program and implement high quality language and cultural early childhood education. We work together to develop and evolve the learning community.

The cooperation with Päiväkoti TRIO and Language Clubhouse has been going on for 2 years.  The cooperation includes a high-quality pedagogical program based on the Finnish early childhood education principles, digital learning resource, regular training for staff and pedagogical meetings with kindergarten educators and Language Clubhouse employees. In this way, we are able to offer pedagogically high-quality methods for the daily life of kindergarten children.

A video about the new kindergarten Päiväkoti TRIO Clubhouse here:

Promoting and enriching language and cultural education in early childhood

Language Clubhouse promotes children’s foreign language and cultural skills as well as interaction and expression skills. We encourage you to get to know other people, languages ​​and cultures in a child-friendly way, involving the whole learning community. The activities of the Language Clubhouse also take into account multiculturalism and the fact that children grow up in different linguistic environments and encourages children to experiment with different languages. In language- and culture-conscious early childhood education, different languages -cultures and views are integrated into the whole of early childhood education.

The Language Clubhouse global English club program for preschools supports these goals and aims. The partner preschools meet once a week in regular virtual English classes. Language Clubhouse recognizes that languages ​​are constantly present and are important in children’s development, learning, interaction, collaboration, in building identities and belonging to society. Making multilingualism visible supports the development of children in a culturally diverse world. The global English club for preschools fosters language and friendship skills supporting and enabling children to actively participate in cross cultural communication.

Find out more about TRIO Clubhouse from Päiväkoti TRIO’s website or Facebook page.  

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To learn more about the Language Clubhouse accredited program please contact Becky Luoma, by phone: +358409114110 or by email: becky@language-clubhouse.com