Food workbook


The tasks in the workbook develop kid´s English skills in a fun way. It is important that parent follows kid´s progress. Encouragement helps kids to try and to strengthen a child’s self-confidence.

Instructions for using the workbook are on the first page. The Food workbook contains four topics: market place, food and drinks, meat, dairy and fish, fruits and vegetables. Every topic has vocabulary sheet and then a few pages of fun and colorful tasks which develop different skills. You may notice in the workbook tasks the skills icons that cover different learning areas. One of the tasks is that you can draw a line to the drink that each character is asking for. This task develops your language and cognitive skills.

Learning together is fun! We hope you spend good moments together communicating in English. 

Size of the workbook is A5 (14,8 x 21 cm) and there are fourteen pages. The price includes shipping cost.

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