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Education Aspects


Clear and well designed online structure with easy access to the materials. Structured lesson plans and pre-curated materials so teachers from different linguistic backgrounds can feel guided and secure while teaching English for young learners. Activities are engaging and activating and focus on face-to-face interaction.

Save resources

Easy and modern teaching method


Our program is available through our own online learning platform. All the content is right at your fingertips. Bring consistency and ease into your teaching methods. Start the lesson off with the tutorial learning video and begin, only takes 5  minutes to prepare for a new lesson. All the learning materials are ready to use. A simple solution for educators.

Fun and active learning

Getting familiar with language and culture

Interesting content developed for young children and to support core developmental learning. Explore the English language and increase linguistic and cultural understanding. Our 7 characters bring their cultural backgrounds to life in our 12 Language Clubhouse stories.

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