Welcome to the English club! We provide high quality educational English language clubs for kids aged 4-10 yrs old. Onsite in different cities and locations in Finland.  At English Club we offer interesting themed courses that are meaningful to young learners. We facilitate active engaging English language learning experiences for children in a positive and motivating environment. Our focus is to spark joy for learning languages, develop linguistic, social, and cultural skills while communicating with friends.

Our language program helps children to develop their metacognitive, cognitive, social and motor skills. The Language Clubhouse organizes immersive, long-lasting, curriculum-based hobbies for young learners who are interested in language and culture. Hobby clubs follow the curriculum of the Language Clubhouse program. The English Club meets once per week for 50 minutes. We are super excited to have you join us in the English club adventures!

Our English language clubs

are full of joy-

Our functional English clubs are for children ages 4-8 years old. Clubs meet once a week.  All children are welcome no matter their knowledge of the English language. The means of early language teaching methods used are learning activities e.g. games, music, rhymes, listening to stories, reading, writing, group work and crafts.  The Language Clubhouse learning materials are used in the club and a new topic is covered each month. Children are encouraged to communicate as much as possible in English with the students and club leader.  We keep our club groups small and cozy.
Together we are

a learning community-

The children in the clubs get familiar with the other club members and the club leader and gain new relationships and friendships in a safe environment.  Our aim is to create positive images of different languages and cultures and to introduce this through learning the English language.  Our clubs emphasize on enriching togetherness and increasing linguistic and cultural understanding, while supporting multilingualism and growing appreciation of different languages . We strive to create a positive group spirit and the atmosphere is a warm and inviting one for all.  We also do close cooperation with the children’s families and invite the families to visit and participate in the club regularly when it is suitable for them.
Versatile teaching methods

club lesson structure-

  • Welcome and greetings
  • Movement game
  • Introduce vocabulary 
  • Social activity: song, rhyme, game or story
  • Individual activity: writing, reading, or craft time
  • Goodbyes: song or game

Our club leaders have experience teaching English as an additional language to children and are trained to use the Language Clubhouse curriculum and online program.  Our club leaders all have diverse linguistic backgrounds and use it as an advantage when teaching kids in English about different languages and cultures.  We spread positivity and make learning fun for everyone! 

Joyful learning

“My daughter came home from club everytime with a big smile on her face and feels happy she is learning.  This is a good start to English language learning.”

Fun and Active learning

“Nice club exercises, play and games, etc. suitable for the age level of the kids.”

Motivate to learn more

“After clubs my son asks what everything is in English, he is motivated to learn because of the clubs.”

English Clubs

Teaching materials

Animals for Households
Me & My Life for Households
Seasons for Households
Colors, shapes and numbers for Households
Nature & Environment for Households
Transportation for Households
Friends for Households
Daily activities for Households
Food for Households
Senses for Households
Hobbies for Households
Our World for Households